Managed IT Security

Ensuring the security of your business data and network is one of our top priorities and we’ll work with you to develop solid strategies to protect your business information and prevent unauthorized access.

Security Audits

Vulnerabilities on a network are hidden, high-value assets that are targets for exploitation. They can result in unauthorized entry into a network, expose confidential information, trigger theft of business secrets, or paralyze business operations. We can conduct a security audit of your business to identify vulnerabilities and develop strategies to remedy critical issues.

Downtime is Costly

According to a recent security survey, security incidents caused downtime of more than 8 hours for 31% of impacted organizations. We can provide automated ways to identify vulnerabilities, track remediation, reduce network security risks, and meet IT policy compliance. We’ll work with you to develop IT security strategies in order to avoid the most common and destructive malpractice in today’s modern world.

IT Security

How We’ll Protect You

Preventing unauthorized access from third-parties is crucial. We’ll work to keep your networks up-to-date and monitor applications for unintended breaches.

  • The principle of least privilege – each part of a system has only the privileges required for its function
  • Defense in depth – more than one subcomponent needs to be violated to compromise the integrity of the entire system
  • Audit trails – complex tracking of system activity
  • Multiple defensive security measures – firewalls, intrusion detection systems and user account access coupled with cryptography

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